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              Chuo Kaseihin Group offers services ranging from production to distribution
              of chemical products through affiliated manufacturers specializing in unique materials
              and that have relevant production processing technologies.


              Sheet Forming

              As a factory certified by a major convenience store groups, we develop new food packaging containers using A-PET, OPS, PP, and other materials, to promote packaging containers that are highly hygienic and safe.

              Business Description

              • Production and distribution of vacuum and thermoformed food packaging

              Vacuum and thermoformed food packaging containers

              • Food packaging

              • Fruit clamshells, fruit punnets

              • Frozen food trays

              • Tofu packaging

              • Meat trays

              • Confectionery packaging trays

              • Fresh food packs

              • mushroom trays

              • Other packaging containers

              Inside the factory
              Inside the factory
              Checking and Packaging
              Checking and Packaging

              Sheet forming machines

              Compressed air vacuum forming machine
              This is a machine equipped with functions of vacuum forming and pressure forming.
              It is used to manufacture thick PET containers used for packaging created in complex shapes, deep packaging containers, etc.
              Examples: Fruit clamshells, mushroom trays, fresh food trays
              Vacuum forming machine
              This is a general forming machine that uses a vacuum to form materials.
              Used to manufacture thinner PET packaging containers created in simple shapes.
              Thermal plate forming machines
              This is a general forming machine that uses compressed air to form materials.
              Used to manufacture container packaging made from OPS sheet.
              Product examples: Clear food packaging, frozen food trays, other packaging

              Contact Us

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              Sales Division, Resin Manufacturing Dept.
              TEL: +81-748-22-5638
              (8:30-17:30, Mon to Fri)