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              Chuo Kaseihin Group offers services ranging from production to distribution
              of chemical products through affiliated manufacturers specializing in unique materials
              and that have relevant production processing technologies.



              We actively develop new products, such as long-fiber containing pellets, based on composite technologies that address needs for sophistication and changes, striving to offer high performance composite materials.

              Business Description

              • Manufacture and development of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin pellets
              • Manufacture and development of recycled plastic resin pellets

              Method for manufacturing "Center Fill"

              "Center Fill" is LFT compounds that are obtained through our unique technology by charging glass fiber rovings composed of thousands of filaments into an impregnation process and impregnating the glass fibers uniformly with molten thermoplastic resin and then cutting the resultant product into pellets.

              • Significantly improved impact resistance
              • Increased stiffness and strength
              • Good heat resistance
              • Improved creep and wear characteristics
              • Reduced the degree of warpage and deformation
              • Reinforced properties of recycled crystalline and non-crystalline resins

              Concentration of glass fibers can be adjusted with levels of dilution resin. The dilution process is done using a dry blend of colorants, additives or the like.
              Packaged in 25 kg paper bags. Flexible packaging is available.

              Production and Evaluation Facilities

              Universal testing machine
              Bend test measurement and tensile test measurement
              Injection molding machine
              It creates plastic products by applying pressure when injecting and pouring molten resin into a mold to form shapes.
              Charpy impact testing machine
              Designed to evaluate the energy needed to break a test specimen and the toughness of the specimen.
              An instrument used to measure gravity.
              Rockwell scale
              It determines hardness by measuring the depth of indentation of a forcibly applied steel ball indenter into the surface of a material.
              Heat distortion temperature tester
              Determines deflection temperature of rigid plastics under load.
              Izod impact tester
              This is used to evaluate the impact strength (toughness) of materials.

              Contact Us

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              Tokyo Plastics Dept., Plastics Division
              TEL: +81-3-5148-6462
              (9:00-17:30, Mon to Fri)