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              Chuo Kaseihin Group offers services ranging from production to distribution
              of chemical products through affiliated manufacturers specializing in unique materials
              and that have relevant production processing technologies.

              • TOP
              • Plastics Business


              We support customers' businesses by combining the most appropriate services from a broad range of services, including procurement of raw materials, planning, designing, production, and quality control. We provide many kinds of processes, from procurement to assembly, of resin products as well as of a variety of processed metal and wooden products. Our global production facilities provide a steady supply of resin materials and moldings.

              Services we offer

              • Production and distribution of fiber-reinforced resins
                Production and distribution of fiber-reinforced resins
              • Molding and processing of resin products
                Molding and processing of resin products
              • Designing, development, manufacturing, and distribution of accessories and parts used in house building equipment
                Designing, development, manufacturing, and distribution of accessories and parts used in house building equipment
              • Development and distribution of carbon fiber-related products
                Development and distribution of carbon fiber-related products

              Our Strengths


              Development, manufacturing and distribution of resin compounds, mainly long fiber compounds

              We sell versatile synthetic resins, and manufacture and sell "Center Fill", a long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin. "Center Fill" is based on PP-LGF. We offer carbon fiber compounds and organic fiber compounds. We are fully capable of dealing with compounds using engineering plastics as the matrix resin and short fiber compounds worked by a 2-axis extruder.


              Molding and processing of resins (urethane processing, sheet forming and extrusion molding)

              We process foams including urethane foams, as well as sheet forming of food packaging, extrusion of hard and soft resins, and lapping. We manufacture extrusions at two of our own factories in Japan and China.


              Designing, development, manufacturing, and distribution of accessories and parts used in house building equipment

              We develop products and design mechanisms centered on accessory parts for house building companies and house construction equipment manufacturers. We have an integrated product development system that includes material selection, molding, assembling, inspections, and quality control.


              Carbon fiber related products that optimize weight reduction

              To meet weight reduction requirements in a range of industries, in particular in the automotive industry, we offer Taiwan-made carbon fiber related products that are high quality and inexpensive. We provide customers with comprehensive suggestions (including methods) regarding carbon fibers, their intermediate materials (such as thermoset prepregs, fabrics, and CF compounds), and CFRP products that take advantage of our Taiwanese resin molding manufacturer's design, development, and production know-how.

              Flow of support for development of synthetic resin product

              Flow of support for development of synthetic resin product

              Principal products

              Raw materials of synthetic resins

              • PVC

              • PS

              • AS

              • ABS

              • PP

              • PE

              • EVA

              • Polyacetal

              • Polyamide

              • Polycarbonate

              • PMMA

              • Various elastomers

              • Polyurethane

              • Epoxide

              • PP-LGF

              • PP-LCF

              • Polypropylene, vinylon (long fiber), etc.

              Plastics products and processed products

              • Various insulating materials

              • NHK Super Seal and Super Sheet

              • Urethane molded products

              • Urethane molded products

              • PVC leather and processed products

              • FRP products

              • Contour extrudates

              • Injection molded pieces

              • Pultrusion molded pieces

              • CFRP-molded pieces, etc.


              • A variety of processed metal products

              • A variety of processed wooden products

              • Various assemblies

              • Carbon fiber-related products

              Our Unique Technology


              We actively develop new products, such as long-fiber containing pellets, based on composite technologies that address needs for sophistication and changes, striving to offer high performance composite materials.

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              Sheet Forming
              Our Unique Technology

              Sheet Forming

              As a factory certified by a major convenience store groups, we develop new food packaging containers using A-PET, OPS, PP, and other materials, to promote packaging containers that are highly hygienic and safe.

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              Our Unique Technology

              Urethane Processing

              Special urethane foams processed by us have a large share of the market of waterproof sealing materials for vehicles and consumer electronics, earning an enormous amount of credibility among our customers. These foams can be sliced as thin as up to 200 μm. They can also be hot pressed.

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              Our Unique Technology


              We are manufacturing extrusions at our own factory in Japan and China. Our manufacturing base in China also operates a thermosetting pultrusion process using glass and carbon fiber.

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              Manufacturing Bases

              Factories and Facility

              Factories and Facility

              Introduction of facilities for manufacturing long fiber containing pellets, processing food containers, and fabricating special urethane foam. We seek synergy between divisions in order to provide a total solution that meets the diversified needs of our customers.

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              Tokyo Plastics Dept., Plastics Division
              TEL: +81-3-5148-6462
              (9:00-17:30, Mon to Fri)