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              Chuo Kaseihin Group offers services ranging from production to distribution
              of chemical products through affiliated manufacturers specializing in unique materials
              and that have relevant production processing technologies.


              ABOUT US

              Company Profile

              Trade name
              Chuo Kaseihin Co., Inc.
              Date of establishment
              April 25, 1956
              Capital stock
              100 million yen
              Kosuke Mizushima, President & CEO
              Head Office
              Nittochi Ginza Bldg. 4F, 7-14-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

              Google Map

              Performance Chemicals Division
              TEL: +81-3-5148-6461 FAX: +81-3-5148-6459
              Plastics Division
              TEL: +81-3-5148-6462 FAX: +81-3-5148-6463
              Management Dept.
              TEL: +81-3-5148-6455 FAX: +81-3-5148-6456
              Osaka branch
              LUCID SQUARE SEMBA 4F, 1-9-26 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
              TEL: +81-6-4963-3126 FAX: +81-6-6262-3130

              Google Map

              Nagoya office
              Estate Nagoya Bldg. 2F, 1-11-5 Meiekiminami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
              TEL: +81-52-571-3182 FAX: +81-52-571-3184

              Google Map

              Aizu factory
              111 Aza-Nagayachi, Higashinagahara, Kawahigashi-machi, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima
              TEL: +81-242-75-3188 FAX: +81-242-75-3901

              Google Map

              Ageo factory
              4-148 Nakabun, Ageo-shi, Saitama
              TEL: +81-48-725-5911 FAX: +81-48-725-2550

              Google Map

              Shiga factory
              1138 Kamihaneda-cho, Higashi-Omi-shi, Shiga
              TEL: +81-748-22-5638 FAX: +81-748-22-5650

              Google Map

              Mizuho Bank,Kiraboshi Bank,MUFG Bank,Chiba Bank,Shoko Chukin Bank
              Business Description
              • Distribution of petrochemicals and coal chemicals
              • Production and distribution of medicines, industrial chemicals (including agrochemical intermediates), pharmaceuticals, ag-related medicines, oils, oil and fat products, and other chemical products
              • Molding, processing, assembling, and distribution of synthetic resin products
              • Designing, molding, processing, assembling, and distribution of house building and construction materials
              • Production and distribution of food packaging


              April 1956
              Chuo Kaseihin Co., Inc established
              August 1963
              Osaka office established
              July 1968
              Ageo factory established in Ageo, Saitama
              Purification, distillation and processing of chemicals commenced
              April 1970
              Osaka office upgraded to a branch office
              September 1970
              Shiga factory constructed in Higashiomi-shi in Shiga (under phase 1 of the construction plan)
              March 1972
              New organic synthesis plant added to the Ageo factory
              February 1975
              Phase 4 construction completed at the Ageo factory (boilers, antipollution facility, special plasticizer, etc.)
              November 1975
              Yokaichi Kasei Co., Ltd founded
              June 1978
              Drug manufacturer's license obtained. Related facilities constructed
              October 1978
              Plant for intermediate organic synthesis experiments constructed
              March 1979
              Extension of Shiga factory building completed
              Processing of flexible synthetic resins (NHK Super Sheet) commenced
              April 1979
              Facilities to manufacture pharmaceutical products added
              August 1980
              C.S. Kaseihin K.K. established
              October 1980
              Central laboratory established at the Ageo factory
              August 1981
              Shiga factory operations transferred to Yokaichi Kasei Co., Ltd.
              March 1982
              Chuo Kaseihin Co., Inc. Ageo factory spun off and made independent to become CK Fine Chemicals Inc.
              April 1985
              Compound business test plant of Yokaichi Kasei Co., Ltd. established
              April 1986
              Chuo Kaseihin Co., Inc. Nagoya office established
              September 1986
              Chuo Composite Co., Ltd. established
              April 1990
              CK Fine Chemicals Inc. and C.S. Kaseihin K.K. merged to establish Chuo Chemical Inc.
              April 1996
              Yokaichi Kasei Co., Ltd. and Chuo Composite Co., Ltd. merged to establish Chuo Platec Co., Inc.
              April 1997
              CK Butsuryu Co., Inc. established
              November 2001
              Liaison office established in Shanghai, China
              May 2002
              Shanghai liaison office established as CK International Trading Co., Ltd.
              January 2008
              Chuo Platech Co., Inc. and Osaka Polymer Co., Inc. merged to establish Chuo Polymer Co., Inc.
              April 2010
              Chuo Chemical Co., Inc., Chuo Polymer Co., Inc. and CK. Butsuryu Co., Inc. merged into Chuo Kaseihin Co., Inc.

              Group Companies

              Domestic affiliate

              Okabe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
              2043-46 Ota, Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-0808
              • TEL: +81-43-485-9071
              • FAX: +81-43-485-9070

              Overseas subsidiaries

              Shanghai CK International Trade Co., Ltd
              Room 612, Shanghai Astronautics South Building, No. 222, Caoxi Road, Shanghai, China
              Postal code: 200235
              • TEL: +86-21-6119-9292, 6119-9293, 6119-9399
              • FAX: +86-21-6119-9300
              CK Advanced Composite Material (Danyang) Co., Ltd.
              Building 21, No. 68 Tonggang West Road, Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China
              Postal code: 212300
              • TEL: +86-511-8693-0286
              • FAX: +86-511-8693-0181